Who is

Delora OBrien?

Delora Argiro OBrien is a top tier talent manager and founder of Pillar Entertainment Group, and along with her team of managers, represents over 100 clients with offices in NY/LA/London and now the Southeast. She has booked her clients as Series Regulars, Recurring roles, Guest Stars and Costars on major TV shows such as: This Is UsCriminal MindsModern FamilyHow To Get Away With MurderNCISBlacklistScorpion, to name a few. Pillar clients have also appeared in commercials such as: Geico, Ford, Chevy, Best Buy, McDonalds and many other national commercials.


This past year, Pillar clients have booked roles in films such as Peppermint alongside Jennifer Garner, the remake of Shaft alongside Samuel L. Jackson, and The Week Of where her client played Adam Sandler’s daughter. She specializes in working with and coaching unknown actors; one of which had never been on a set and within 2 years, booked him as the lead in the Disney movie Superbuddies. That said, she’s coached trained actors and brought them to levels they never thought possible and they began booking larger roles.


Delora is a SAG Signatory producer and has collaborated with top producers such as: Barney Cohen (Sabrina the Teenage Witch and final screenwriter of Spiderman) and Jonathan Talbert and Arturo Guzman (Orange is the New Black) to name a few. She’s created very effective acting/management classes with former Disney Casting Director, Joey Paul Jensen (Bring It OnThat’s So RavenSoul SurferHannah Montana) and her original film and TV scripts currently are being considered for production by HBO, Showtime, Starz, ABC, Screen Gems and Blumhouse.


Delora’s acting classes, workshops and seminars are unique. She was trained at Lee Strasburg’s Actor’s Studio, Stella Adler Studio, South Coast Actor’s Studio and worked with a variety of other respected acting teachers. She’s taken the best of all of them and added her own flavor of training an actor from the inside out. Her classes not only teach you basic acting principles, but life lessons and inner awareness that serves to create in you, the best actor you can be as well as inside information from a woman who has been in the industry for decades.

Making Dreams Come True

"Loving actors as I do, nowadays I spend most of my time managing some of the best actors in LA and NYC as well as traveling across the US meeting talented actors in various acting workshops. Living in three locations isn’t easy, but I’m driven by my love for the industry and actors and love making dreams come true. That’s what keeps me going.


I’ve managed, coached and worked with beginners to A-list actors. I’ve gotten them roles on every TV show including Disney, CW, ABC, CBS, FOX, Showtime, Netflix, Prime etc. plus Oscar winning films, national commercials and Broadway shows. I’ve taken actors from being an extra and background on set to leads in films. Knowing that I can, with the right time given and a moldable actor, turn anyone into a star is what I live for."

So what am I doing

in Nashville?

"As life would have it, two of my children, for career reasons, moved to Nashville. After visiting a few times, then spending longer and longer vacations here, I slowly grew to love the people and the vibe of a city on the brink of “acting greatness.” Oh I know that “Music City” is second to none when it comes to songwriting, musicians and singers. And there are many quality actors that I’ve met, but there is a frustration that I felt immediately. The actors in this incredible city feel that there is something missing; something they aren’t getting; something that is intangible but they know what they are feeling.


So what am I doing now? Racking up a lot of airline miles going back and forth between all three cities! But I’m hoping I can help to fulfill that desire that you have to get to the next level in acting, get the auditions, book the jobs and reach for the stars! After all, this is your life. If you love the creative world as I do, acting and music, then I believe you must press toward the mark with the best training possible. And that’s where I come in!

Will everyone win an Academy Award? Of course not. But why live in that? You could be the one that does. I’ve never been a fan of self-limiting thinking and I instill that in all my students as well.


So that’s my story. What’s yours? I would love to hear from you…where you are in your career…what you’ve been doing…how you’ve been training…and anything else that can help me get to know some of the actors and musician/actors in this great town!


I’m hoping someday we will meet, if we haven't already, and perhaps in some way I will have a part in making you the actor you were meant to be."


Until then…



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